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O.C. Components, Inc. is pleased to announce two new partners that have been added to it's product line. OCC feels that these products will greatly enhance our existing offerings. We look forward to working with you on your engineering designs or purchasing needs.

In Connectors
With fully automated factories in Taiwan and China, Oupiin takes pride in using the most state-of-the-art equipment available and is considered one of the most modern connector manufacturers in the world. Oupiin's products are used in a wide variety of computer, communication, industrial manufacturing and utility equipment and are currently in use by some of the most respected technology companies throughout the world.

All of Oupiin's products are precisely engineered and subjected to thorough testing and tough working conditions. The automated manufacturing process is integrated with a rigorous quality control system. By combining precision equipment with a highly skilled and uniform excellence and reliability at competitive prices. In fact, it's the continual emphasis on quality control that has awarded Oupiin the distinction of being a registered ISO 9002 company!

Oupiin also takes pride in its ability to create custom products according to customer specifications.

In Capacitors
ELNA is an international leader in designing and manufacturing of a wide range of high reliability capacitors and related electronic components. The company has gained a world-wide reputation for its superior product quality and its pioneering leadership in the development of new technology.

The company was founded in 1937. It has grown over the years with its main headquarters, ELNA Co., LTD located in Japan along with six manufacturing facilities. Along with the Japan locations it has Sales offices in USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Europe.

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